Impact of One, Power of Many

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The Board has been meeting these past few months to find a way to:

  • Address the challenges besetting the Profession and the Organization, which are – the CPE becoming non-compulsory, the continuing diaspora of architects and stiff competition from outside the profession
  • Harness the potential of numerous architects working together

To be able to these, the Board needs to create a structure which would allow members to better participate. First is the creation of 6 committees for involvement: Membership, Ways and Means, External Affairs, Information Dissemination, Education and Professional Practice. Next, the Board needs to restructure itself so that it can better work with these committees. There will be six directors corresponding to the 6 committees, the 2 vice presidents on the other hand will manage 3 committees each (a cluster).

More Hands working together would allow for more benefits. Previously, the Chapter has been known for its excellent education GMMs. Now we are Fellowship GMMs and Professional Practice GMMs to make for a more diversified mix of activities.

“The Impact of One, Power of Many” perfectly encapsulates this year’s thrust.

We have lined up the following activities for the 2007-2008 Fiscal year:

  • July 2007: Board Induction
  • August 2007: Business of Architecture
  • September 2007: Professional Practice-Networking GMM
  • October 2007: Fellowship GMM – UAP NCA
  • November 2007: Fellowship GMM – Chapter Anniversary
  • December 2007: Fellowship GMM-NAW-Christmas Party
  • January 2008: Membership GMM- Membership/Leadership Orientation
  • February 2008: Board Elections – Creative Yet Code Compliant Design
  • March 2008: Professional Practice-Networking GMM
  • April 2008: Fellowship GMM-UAP NCA
  • May 2008: Design Build Forum
  • June 2008: Professional Practice-Networking GMM

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