Power of One by Raju Mandhyan


Perhaps the highlight in yesterday’s affair, the induction night, was the talk of Mr. Raju Mandhyan. We invited him to support the Chapter’s vision of “Impact of One, Power of Many” by sharing on a theme parallel to the vision. And surely he did.

Starting from a demonstration to pique the audience curiosity, he displayed how to pierce a fist-sized potato with a straw. After doing this, he distributed potatoes and straws to the audience for them to try it themselves. What was the point of the exercise? To prove to everyone that it is possible to overcome a formidable barrier (a thick potato) with an apparently weak object (the straw). He was teaching us that it is possible to surmount obstacles, whether personally or as a community.

Then he went on to discuss some of the principles of Leonardo da Vinci on the same purpose: surmounting obstacles,

  • Curiosita – an insatiable curiosity
  • Dimostrazione – testing knowledge through experience
  • Sfumato – a willingness to embrace ambiguity

In closing, Mr. Raju tells an old African story which goes like this:

“A fire raged in the forest and all the animals fled until they reached the edge of the sea. They were all desperate as they stood powerless at the raging fire. They were surprised that a small hummingbird picked a drop of water from the sea and went back and forth hummingbirdto put out the fire. In disbelief, the animals were disparaging the hummingbird’s efforts. One of the animal’s asked with a mocking voice, ‘What do you think you are doing?’ to which the hummingbird answered, ‘I am doing what I can.’

A small hummingbird doing what it can has more contribution than all the great animals doing nothing. Much is to be lost with inaction and the converse is also true.

Join the Chapter’s Committees and contribute whatever you can.

*Interested with talks from Mr. Raju Mandhyan? Check his website, http://www.mandhyan.com.


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