BIM, CAAD and all those acronyms


With the evolution of software comes all those acronyms and confusing jargons. Previously we just had CAD and CADD, now we have to deal with the likes of BIM, CAAD and other words.


Anyway, before we get turned off by these things, lets clarify what these developments are all about. Just as our old operating systems are getting easier and easier (Vista is so very different from DOS), architectural software is also going the same way. Gone are the days of remembering all those commands, and soon (they say) even OSNAP will not be necessary.


First, they’re making it easier – drop a window here, drop a door there, click the button and there goes the roof. Click on the library for materials, furniture, plants, etc. Click a button and you’ll get the elevs, sections and photorealistic perspective. You can even automate the cost and specs. Now that’s better than drawing a line, trimming, offsetting, etc.

sim city

So these new softwares are for designers, draftsmen, engineers, urban planners, contractors. If it gets easier, even kids can use it. Remember SIM City? The graphics are so great, it makes working enjoyable.

So now their calling it the software “formerly known as CAD.” The software has evolved from working in 2D and now incorporates up to five dimensions. The 3rd is space, the 4th is time and the 5th is cost. So now instead of working with lines, we now work with models.That’s why it’s called Building Information Modeling or BIM.


The next improvement in architectural software is interoperability. Even small projects involve more than 1 or 2 individuals. New software allows simultaneous editing and even for various disciplines involved in the design and construction of the structure to work seamlessly.

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