Notes on the Recent GMM and BIM Seminar

Last Thursday, August 30, the Chapter held another successful event. The event was again held at the Banquet Hall of the Milkyway Cafe. There were several members and guests present which filled the venue to the brim and even requiring to add tables.


Main feature of the night was the presentation by our sponsor, Shellsoft Technology, of the most recent version of Autodesk’s Building Information Modeling Software, Revit.  Mr. Rey Lazaro explained the great difference between CAD and BIM on how the software allows you to work the same way you think – in 3D. This makes work easy and fun. The next 60 minutes or more was a live demo of how the software works.

Also during this night was the first ever Pecha Kucha (see previous post) at UAP Makati Chapter. Arch. Popi Laudico presented some of her projects and shared some of her experiences during the design and construction of these projects.

gmm2-2 popi1popi2

The night was concluded with the induction of several new members. Our past president, Arch. Eben Maducdoc did the charging, while the current president led them in the oath of membership.



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