The UAPMC Nominations Committee would like to invite everyone to nominate qualified members for the different positions of the Board of Directors for the elections to be held during the February GMM.


Please be reminded of the following qualifications of nominees based on the UAP National and Chapter By-laws:

1. Must be a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING (Annual National and Chapter dues have been paid without any outstanding balance from previous years).

2. Active participation in the affairs of the chapter for at least TWO (2) YEARS.

3. Demonstrated LEADERSHIP in professional, civic, or community undertakings.

4. GOOD MORAL CHARACTER and adherence to the Architects National Code of Ethical Conduct and Standards of Professional Practice.

5. At least TWO (2) YEARS of active practice of the profession or related fields.

6. No member of the Chapter Board shall hold office for more than THREE (3) consecutive terms in any capacity / position.


During the meeting of the Nominations Committee on 09 January 2015, the Committee agreed on the following items for implementation:

1.That the UAP National and Chapter By-laws’ three-year term limit for members of the Board of Directors in any capacity/position refers to both elected and appointed members of the Board of Directors.

2. That Nominations will still be accepted during the February GMM / Election Day.

3. That the Chapter Secretary shall confirm to the General Membership the presence of a quorum during the Election Day.

4.That only nominees who confirm in writing, a post on the UAPMC Facebook Group, or by email to the UAPMC Official email address shall be included in the ballots, subject to endorsement of the Nominations Committee. Without an explicit acceptance of the nomination, the nominee is presumed to have declined the nomination.

5. That in case of any election-related protest, the decision of the UAPMC Commission on Elections shall be final.


Nominations Committee:
Ar. Pete Raralio (Chairman)
Ar. Topy Vasquez
Ar. Jose Ricky L. Martinez
Ar. Jimmy Hermogenes
Ar. Ar Meloy Bencito
Ar. Lloyd Martin


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