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Inaugural Speech of Arch. Elwin F. Buenaventura, UAP Makati Chapter President FY 2015 to 16

To all the members of the United Architects of the Philippines Makati Chapter, I am honoured to be here delivering this Inaugural Address.

At the start of this fiscal year, let me delve with you into two words which would characterize how we would do things from this time on.


Have you ever asked yourself why we do the things we do?
Why am I attending this general membership meeting? Just to get a piece of paper? To be more competitive than the rest? What is the end of all this learning?

Why are we the “United” Architects of the Philippines?

You know what just a few people can do. Your board last year managed to hold

  • 2 major events: an induction and an anniversary;
  • 3 education related GMMs: The Archipreneur, the Greentectural, and a talk on Seismic evaluation which is the 1st of our Building Tech Series;
  • 2 business meetings: one to decide on the Chapter By-laws and to get a consensus on the Draft Congressional Bill seeking to strengthen and to harmonize laws affecting the architecture profession; and the second business meeting to elect your officers who are now standing here;
  • 2 fun events: the Christmas Party and to join the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo last January.
  • They also made a viral video for the 40th Anniversary of UAP, submit a bid for Best Chapter and Best Chapter President.

And that was just 13 people.

Imagine what 460 (number in good standing) can do?

And here is where we come to our second word,


We don’t believe in unity as an end in itself but a means to achieving what is greater.

Imagine what we can do if we are united….

  • We can meet our members professional needs and aspirations;
  • We can learn more from each other through the sharing of best practices;
  • We can write books, our own CAD program, our own graphic standards;
  • We can be more competitive as our borders open to practice by foreign professionals.

I think the founders of UAP saw it from Day 1 as they included in the Objectives of the organization the following:

“To participate in matters concerning national and regional development”

Ultimately, we are to impact our country for the better.

I love it how Norman Foster describes us architects:

“If you weren’t an optimist, it would be possible to be an architect.”

We are the optimists, positive minded, creative, dreamers. This evening celebrates more about you our members, than us your Board.

Our upcoming activities are geared towards our achievement of this vision:

  • You are the successful Archipreneur as we discuss the business side of architecture this August and how to market the profession on May of next year;
  • You are the expert in the profession and industry as we discuss building technology in January; the secrets to success of our Starchitects in April and the opportunities for further studies in June;
  • You are the earth keeper as we talk about Green Architecture and Sustainable Design in September;
  • You are the guardian of our country’s heritage as we celebrate the World Day of Architecture through tours around the National Museum, Intramuros, Binondo and the CCP Complex;
  • You are the shaper of our city as we discover accessible design in February.

 A world of possibility awaits for us to act on it and the doors are open for you to participate.

Approach and sign up with our committee chairmen:

Gabo Vitales for membership;

Jean Paul Singson for ways and means;

Kaydee Velasco and Angelito de Jesus for external affairs;

Jeremy Badong for Information Dissemination;

Verna Escolano for Education and;

Nam Lachica for Professional Practice.

Together let’s shape our Skyline for the better. Thank you very much and God bless!!!


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