Valedictory FY 2015-16


Valedictory Address by Arch. Elwin F. Buenaventura, Chapter President FY 2015-16

I would like to start with the words of Sir Norman Foster which I quoted last July in my Inaugural Speech

“If you weren’t an optimist, it would be impossible to be an architect”.

We architects are definitely people of vision which is the ability to look into the future based on our understanding of who we are. Throughout my term, we firmly believed that this Chapter is great. This we confirmed in preparing our Pagpupugay for our Chapter Anniversary and as we compiled our bid for Best Chapter.

Knowing this we channeled all our energy towards activities which would unite our general membership towards avenues of greater good:

  • The mounting of 2 best practices fairs;
  • The 5th iteration of Archipreneur where we blew our concepts on the business of the profession “out of the box”;
  • The 5th iteration of Greentectural where we pooled several experts to share on the various facets of Sustainable Architecture;
  • During our Inspire Makati GMM we held an inspiring talk on Leadership;
  • During our 38th Anniversary, we gave a tribute to the exemplary talent of Filipino Architects;
  • During our Resilient GMM, we talked about technologies that would help us survive the threats of Climate Change;
  • During our Universal GMM, we discussed on how we can make the environments we designed more inclusive to people with disabilities;
  • During our Starchitect GMM, we shared stories on the life and works of one of the most admired design practitioners: Arch. Gabriel Formoso;
  • During our Conserve GMM, we talked about efforts in the preservation of Philippine Architectural Heritage;
  • And finally last month, in our Vision GMM, we went full circle with a discussion on the Vision for Sustainable Philippine Cities as embodied by the New Green Building Code.


Since it’s Thursday, may I invite everyone to a short THROWBACK with this video I made….

Let me invite on stage the officers I have been privileged to serve with for the past year. To you all my Gratitude and Appreciation!

Let me close this speech by saying that these events are not about us your leaders but more about you our members who comprise this Chapter. You are the successful Archipreneur, the earth keeper, the guardian of our heritage and the shaper of our cities

Continue shaping the Skyline for the better! Thank you very much and God bless!!


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