FY 2016-17 BOD Nominations

I am nominating the following for positions in the Incoming Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2016 to 2017.


Election Schedule

  1. Nominations period shall be from January 2016 to the 1st week of February 2016.
  2. Nominees may immediately accept their nominations during the abovementioned period subject to  endorsement by the Nominations Committee.
  3. Endorsement of Nominations by the Nominations Committee shall run from the 2nd week of February to the 17th of February.
  4. Presentation of Endorsed Nominees shall be during the February General Membership Meeting.
  5. Election via Ballot Voting shall be during the February General Membership Meeting

Qualifications of Chapter Officers/Board of Directors

  1. Corporate Member in Good Standing
  2. Active Participation for at least 2 years
  3. Active Practice for at least 2 consecutive years
  4. Chapter Nominations Committee endorsement
  5. Leadership
  6. Good Moral Character

Term: 1 year from July 1 to June 30 of succeeding year

Distinct Functions of Chapter Officers

  1. President: Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and as such shall exercise general supervision over the affairs thereof; Represents the Chapter on all occasions and in all matters where it should be represented.
  2. VP Programs: Takes full supervision of the study, research and formulation of policies, programs and projects of the Chapter.
  3. VP Operations: Takes full supervision of effective implementation of the programs and projects.
  4. Secretary: Issues all notices, circulars, records and supervise the proper recording of minutes of all Chapter meetings; Takes charge and custody of all the legal and administrative correspondences of the Chapter.
  5. Treasurer: Disburses funds as necessary and in accordance with approved accounting rules and procedures; Collects all fees, dues or contributions from the Chapter members; Takes charge of the over-all supervision of the financial affairs of the Chapter.
  6. Auditor: Conducts an overall independent review of all financial affairs to ensure check and balance of the business operations of the Chapter.
  7. Director /Chair – Info Dissemination Team:  Keeps the Chapter Members up to date with what’s important ~ Chapter activities, District and National activities, new construction products, great projects, practice tips, etc. They write the Skyline, posts updates in FB and on this website. If you like writing or just keeping up to date, then this is the team for you.
  8. Director/ Chair – Membership Team: In charge of all the fellowship events of the Chapter such as the Anniversary and the Christmas Party. They can get serious at times and hold a Membership Pechakucha along the way 🙂 They link the Chapter with the architectural firms, disseminate the much needed IAPOA certificates and update the Chapter’s roster with National.
  9. Director/ Chair – Education Team: Coordinates the sharing of architectural knowledge in the Chapter. And since Makati Chapter loves to learn this team has an important job to do: continue our talks through the years such as Greentectural, Starchitect, Building Tech and Architectural Educ. In the pipeline: the Chapter Book Project.
  10. Director/ Chair – Ways and Means Team: Is the conduit to the Sponsors who have partnered with the Chapter in fulfilling its vision through meaningful activities. It holds two Best Practices Fairs within the year. In the pipeline: the Chapter’s Business Arm.
  11. Director/ Chair – Professional Practice Team: Spearheads activities which help Chapter members succeed in their practice. It organizes talks such as Archipreneur, where members discover the business side of architecture, and Project Runway, where they learn how to market themselves better. In the pipeline: Networking within members to tackle large projects.
  12. Director/ Chair – External Affairs Team: Involves members in activities outside of the Chapter such as the B3lympics, the National Convention, painting classrooms for Brigada Eskwela, designing libraries for Silid Pangarap, attending hearings at Congress and the Senate.

Download Nominations Acceptance Form: nominations-acceptance.pdf


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